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D8A Directors partner Syntho

Synthesize your data

So exciting!

Are you not sure what synthetic data is? A synthetic data-twin retains business logica and will mimic similar analytics. It prevents data privacy blind spots. And it is important for every digital company.

Synthetic data generates completely new and artificial datapoint, creating the fast amount of data needed for machine learning, AI and test management.

Syntho.ai now partners with D8A directors. By integrating our D8A expertise, we now offer a Synthetic Data Starters Kit solution (purchase synthetic dataset). This kit contains a synthesized data set for advanced analytics, including test sets and a comprehensive insight of opportunities, risks and potential for your organization.

Find more about synthetic data in our latest blog (synthetic data) and the D8A podcast with Syntho’s CEO, Wim Kees Jansen (listen to the podcast here). Do you want to grow your data availability now? Go directly to the Syntho.ai/D8A website and start!

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Get in touch with D8A Directors to learn more about our views on the possibilities, value & attention points to make Data Synthesizing a success in your organisation.

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