Metadata management

Metadata is the fuel for data management, process management, risk management and change management. Managing your metadata enables you to connect the dots through your organisation and create insights.

Are you looking into data mesh and productization of your data?

Metadata is key in creating data products, facilitating federated governance with domain ownership and managing self service infrastructure.

This training provided by D8A Directors takes metadata management beyond the theoretical level and provides you with practical handholds to take data in your organisation further for the upcoming years.

A draft agenda for a full day of interaction

  • Value of metadata
  • Developing a conceptual model for metadata
  • Metadata management principles
  • A holistic reference framework
  • Metadata management processes
  • Metadata management building blocks
  • Metadata categorization including a kickstart with a metadata element glossary of 150 defined elements
  • Orchestrating metadata across the landscape
  • Architecting metadata for data management for finding, understanding, governing, protecting & sharing data
  • A draft roadmap