D8A Academy

Tailor made D8A Academy trainings

Members and partners of D8A Directors can bring their years of experience as hands-on training to your organisation.

Are you looking for inspiration, guidance and practical how-to’s in building your data driven organisation?

Some inspiration on topics:

  • Guiding change through enterprise data architecture practice
  • How metadata management enables you to find, understand, govern, trust and share your data
  • Growing a federated data governance in your organisation made practical
  • Where and how to start with data quality management with immediate cost reduction in business operations
  • How to transition the perspectives of data security, privacy & compliance from ‘cost center’ to ‘profit center’ when done right
  • How to organise data products in data mesh
  • How to realize data observability embedded into your data pipelines with databricks and deltalake
  • and other

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your case for a trailor made training!