Our vision

Our vision on data innovation

Data is the raw material for processes, insights and increasingly data products and services. The last decade has seen extensive investments to get data in good order. We anticipate that in the coming time, these investments will be translated into new values and revenue streams. This can be done through Data-as-a-Service or Insights-as-a-Service. This is often easier said than done…

Data innovations require close cooperation & alliance between 3 business areas: data experts, sales and internal & external business partners. Three very different areas with their own specifics, expertise and objectives. We resolve challenges in this alliance triangle by a combination of data types, value types and connecting the dots between the different business areas. To enable companies to drive value out of data innovations. 

Why you should care about data innovation

Data is seen as value opportunity. No longer mostly by data-native companies, more and more the value of data is understood and appreciated. This drives the need to define new products & services. These can be linked to existing products, e.g., as an additional feature or extending the target market. It can also be a separate product, e.g., within a specific market. Be first and/or the authoritative source within that market space to succeed. This means that you need to understand how you can innovate with data fast and understand potential pitfalls.

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