Our story

Our story

D8A believes that data innovation is the next wave in the data space. D8A is an initiative by data experts with over 20 years of experience. We know what works and what doesn’t. By combining and sharing our expertise, we challenge the status quo and drive progress. We do this together with partners to build an ecosystem. By directing towards data innovations, we capitalize upon cumulative expertise. We do not deliver what companies ask, we deliver what companies need.

Why now?

During the last decade, the focus of data has been on hygiene factors. Now is the time to create further value out of the investments of the previous years. At the same time, the data space has become increasingly complex.

Our position

We see a clear opportunity to guide companies in realizing their data-driven product potential. We at D8A do this by making actionable data product blueprints. Technology partners & people capabilities will not deliver what you need. By delivering what you need through our blueprints we bridge this gap. at d8a directors do not deliver what you ask, we deliver what you need. Our blueprints bridge this gap.

Our sponsors

This initiative is sponsored by the experts below. If you have specific requests for practical support and implementations, contact us.

Chris Lemmens
Head of data science practice
at Harvest
Simone Jeurissen
Head of Data Consultancy

Hugo de Gooijer
Enterprise Data Architect
at Lean-Data
Jeroen Tegelaar
Director of Data Consulting

at BearingPoint
Marinka Voorhout
Director of Data Driven Consulting

at Philips Engineering Solutions

Our Partners

Next to pro-active sponsors, D8A works together with partners to share expert views on e.g., data innovation, data product & services monetization based on R&D standards, (new) legislation and the impact on organisations & solutions.

Sharing can become a value through D8A podcasts, key note presentations and lectures, ‘How-To’ assets, guidelines and blogs. D8A works with a group of experts, building a circle of trust. For all experts in the data domain, contact us to find out more about our collaboration possibilities.